Meatloaf: It’s What’s For Dinner at the White House



I am so happy that I have finally found common ground in one thing with our new President.     And, it should be no surprise that it’s food related.     Apparently our new President is simply mad about meatloaf.    He’s never met a meatloaf he didn’t like.  And, it seems to be the meal of choice when dining with his team.   It may be the only authentic thing about him.

The majority of Americans may not be able to connect with our new President, but food can be a great equalizer.

The President’s favorite dish is also served at his exclusive Mar-a-lago Club alongside oysters, champagne and caviar.  It’s actually his mother’s recipe,  the one she served him as a child.   Mary McLeod Trump’s recipe contains a variety of fresh sautéed vegetables – red and green bell peppers, Spanish Onion, minced garlic, and beefsteak tomatoes, along with fresh parsley.    It’s to be served with mushroom gravy.   Sounds delicious.

In 2012 he tweeted the best meatloaf in New York City could be had at the bar and grill in his tower in Midtown Manhattan.      And this version was also made with his mother’s recipe.

He and his wife appeared in 2005 on the Martha Stewart show and made meatloaf sandwiches.   Martha’s recipe included carrots and was a mix of pork and beef.   Barak Obama ate with the new President and commented how fantastic the White House meatloaf is.

Maybe this one term should be labeled the Meatloaf Presidency.

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