It’s All In the Crackers



I’m off the chili and spaghetti for a while on a New Year diet program.   But, I am on the new Skyline Greek salad.   It fits into my program nicely and is a hearty salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and garbonzo beans.  This Monday as I drove through the local Skyline, I ordered my new fave salad.   It came with a standard pack of oyster crackers.   They don’t even need to ask, they just include the crackers.    So, I thought I’ll have a few for tradition sake.

And as I tasted the crackers, I noticed to myself, “Wow these are more crispy, buttery, and saltier than usual.”   They must have just got a shipment in.    But the taste difference was significant.

The next day my sister calls me excitedly and left a message.  “Have you had the new Skyline chili oyster crackers?   They’re SOOO good – they’re more buttery, crispy and salty than their old crackers.”

So I called her back and told her I had tried them on Monday and though the same thing.  She said she made a comment to the waitress who verified they did change vendors.  For some time, apparently Skyline has been scouting for a new cracker vendor that brings the quality back to ‘the way they used to be,’ according to the waitress.

My sister had brought some home for her son to try.  He’s loves oyster crackers – apparently they’re his goldfish.   He is a butter cracker afficianado at his young age.

I asked my sis if she could verify the new crackers were capable of making a hot sauce shooter.  That’s where you pierce the top of the cracker and inject a bit of hot sauce.   With one of the samples she brought back for the family, she verified that indeed you can still make a shooter, and perhaps an even better one with the new crackers.

At one time I know that local baker ShurGood supplied the crackers but I have to investigate who was formerly supplying and who the new supplier is.  Kudos to Skyline.for this upgrade.   It’s truly the small things in life that make all the difference!


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