Chewy Candy Canes and Peppermint Dust


Doscher Candy’s new Peppermint Dust product

Our historic Cincinnati Candy Cane maker, Doscher’s Candies, has come out with a great new convenience product for the holidays.   It’s called Peppermint Dust, and can be found at your local Kroger’s.       Invented with the home baker in mind, it’s the Wendy’s Chili (which uses leftover burgers) and Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces (which uses pretzels broken during manufacturying) of the Candy industry.       To understand this, you have to know that for over 145 years, Doscher’s has been hand making and twisting its signature crunchy and chewy candy canes.   So, any mistakes or breaks are ground fine and packaged into Doscher’s Peppermint Dust.


This great new product can be used to top holiday cookies, brownies, coffee and hot chocolate.   In the case of Braxton Brewery in Covington, Kentucky, it can be used to top their Claus Peppermint Sweet Stout, a collaboration with Doschers, which was just tapped at the brewery this past Friday.



Doscher’s was founded in 1871 by Claus Doescher, an immigrant from the village of Grossenheim, near Dresden, Germany.      With a name like Claus, and the fact that Dresden has one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany, sort of alluded to his candy cane destiny.   He and his younger brother Johann had immigrated to Cincy in 1865, to work for their uncles Albert Heinrich and Johann David Doescher, who had a candy factory on Jackson Street in Over-the-Rhine.   They packed into a house at 34 Jackson Street with their aunts, uncles and other cousins from Dresden, forming one big happy Germanic immigrant family.


Claus Doscher & Wife in front of their original retail candy store.

After dropping the ‘e’ in their name, so as not to compete or be confused with their uncles’ business, they started making caramel corn product called “Pop-corn Fritters,” similar to, but about 20 years prior to Cracker Jack, which was released at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.     They sold it to a new baseball team in town, called the Cicninnati Redlegs.     They added the French Chew to their line in 1896, to take advantage of the Turkish taffy craze, and it has remained their anchor product since.     A cute recent media campaign asked fans to take selfies of their best ‘French Chew Face.’


Make your best French Chew Face


So Doscher makes more than the typical red and white candy canes for various charity events.   They made Blue and white candy canes for the UC Foundation’s Winter Wonderland function.   Doscher was also proud Touchdown sponsor with their orange, black, and white candy canes for “Kick For Crohn’s & Colitis” at Paul Brown Stadium, with proceeds going to the Ohio Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

There are some extreme flavors of candy canes available this year online – dill pickle, Sriracha, gravy, and wasabi.   But, our Doscher’s sticks to the classics – chewy and pepperminty.



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