New Year’s Gratitude To My Readers



As we approach another New Year and a new set of resolutions – I’d like to thank you all for visiting my blog and commenting, encouraging and even correcting me.     Hopefully you were reminded of your family’s signature dishes or even reconnected with a friend or relative over an historic dish you’ve enjoyed.    Hopefully you found recipes or even recreated your own to help you relive your own food history. 

Whether your interest is in savory or sweet, solid food or liquid libations, you’ve listened to me rattle on about regional foods and their sordid histories.    I think food history is as important as our political or social history.  We are what we eat and we’ve never had so many choices of what to eat than we have today.    We are being exposed to and have access to more food from other cultures than we ever have.    Who knew we’d be talking about Pho or Banh Mi sandwiches from Vietnam, or using the North African spice Harisssa in our soups.   My grandmother certainly would not have known how to use lemongrass or even spell sriracha – I had to double check the spelling myself!

Most of what we call our comfort foods were born as a result of convenience and frugality.    People made due with what food was available and affordable.  Some of those foods are not as healthy today with our more sedentary lifestyles and it’s important to remember this.   With moderation, we can still enjoy the wonderful feelings these comfort foods bring us.    We can enjoy the holiday treats our mothers and grandmothers made, or that specialty hot dog we had with Dad at the ball game as a kid.   

I thought it’d be interesting to share with you the top posts you visited this year on my blog.  They are in order of most visited :

1.)  Minster Meat Grits and the Cincinnati Goetta Connection

2.) Let Them Eat Rye Bread (the history of Cincinnati’s Rubel’s Rye)

3.) Cincy Beer Barons and their Summer Farms (who doesn’t like beer history?!)

4.) Hitch Your Wagons to the Kentucky Chili Bun Trail ( a cousin to the Cincinnati Cheese Coney)

5.) Krampus Bread

The post in which most of you commented was “The Frito Pie – New Mexico’s Version of the Threeway”.

So again, thanks for visiting my blog.   I hope you all have a wonderful and tasty 2016!

Don’t stop asking yourself the questions – why am I eating this food?  Where did it come from?
Guten appetit !!


Dann Woellert – The Food Etymologist


One thought on “New Year’s Gratitude To My Readers

  1. GreT article -I loved reading about the bakery. Grew up visiting my grandparents and going to the bakery every Sat night to get bread for our Sat. Night cold cuts dinner.
    After reading your article about Rubel’s rye bread, at the bottom I read that there are 3 people who are Rubel descendents., therefore they would be my cousins. . If there is any way that you could help me connect with them, it would be amazing -and I would greatly appreciate it. Through your article I have been able to e-mail Pamela Hill because she had a website listed. There are two more a “Tony/ may be Todd” and Jackie.
    Hope that you would connect us!
    Paddy Epstein
    I am not on Facebook but my e-mail is:


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