Four Drinks for Indian Summer



One of my August posts discussed the shandification of America.    And now that we’re all shandified, and men can mix diluting liquids with their otherwise hearty lagers and pale ales without shame, here are a few more suggestions.   In hopes of an Indian Summer before the brutal winter the local forecasters are predicting, I am posting four refreshing summer cocktails that like the shandy, use beer as the main ingredient. They are listed in order of my own preference.   Enjoy and hope for a less brutal winter than prediction!


The first is a ‘raspberry snakebite’. This drink is a twist on the popular ‘Snakebite and Black’ cocktail from the UK, which mixes equal parts crisp, dry hard cider with equal parts lager and a dash of black current liquor.  The English have an addiction to their unique black current flavor. It can be found in their cough drops, teas, and candies. The ‘Snakebite and Black’ is also known as a ‘diesel’ in England, and with the addition of vodka, it’s known as a ‘turbo diesel’. Our drink, however, goes more American and uses raspberry lambic beer, such as Lindeman’s Framboise instead of hard cider and mixes with 1 oz. of crème de cassis (which is made of black current) , garnished with a mint sprig.      The same could be done with a strawberry lambic for another interesting, but refreshing twist.   I would think that a peach lambic and black current would not compliment each other.


The second is an even spicier twist on my new favorite Latin American beer mix, the Michelada.   This one is called the ‘Sriracha-lada, a hot sauce Michelada with some serious kick.   For this drink, combine 1 ounce of fresh lime juice, 2 teaspoons. of Sriracha hot sauce, and ½ teaspoon of Worchestershire sauce in a salt rimmed pint glass filled with ice.   Top with a Mexican lager like Pacifico or a Guatemalan lager like Gallo and garnish with a lime wheel.     Gallo beer sponsored Pope John Paul II’s visit to the Central American country, if that makes you feel holier while drinking.


The third beer cocktail is called ‘Vitamin C brew’, and guaranteed to fend of scurvy from those long summer yachting trips.   It tastes like a boozy Orangina soda from Italy and you can really drink them all day.   It combines 2 ounces of fresh orange juice in a pint glass filled with ice , 1 ounce of gin like Bombay Saphire, and an American style lager, garnished with an orange wheel.


The fourth and last Indian summer beer cocktail is called the ‘Aperol Mist’ or the ‘St. Anthony’. It’s a take on the ‘Aperol Spritz’, which is a mixture of Aperol and Italian proseco.   This is a more flavorful, stronger version of that drink.   It combines 1 ounce of Aperol with 1 ounce of lemon juice in a pint glass of ice, topped off with a Hefeweizen-style Belgian beer such as Hoegaarden, and garnished with a lemon twist. Aperol is an Italian apertif made in Padua, since 1918, but only popular after World War II. It tastes like Campari, but is about half the alcohol. Its main ingredients are bitter orange, gentian (a root from an alpine flowering plant also used in bitters), rhubarb, and cinchona (bark from which quinine is extracted, has been used by the Jesuits in missions for malaria fighting and muscle relaxation).


However you enjoy your hot weather drinks – with a good book in a hammock, by the pool on a chaise lounge, on the sand underneath a big umbrella, or on the boat with the wind blowing through your hair, these four are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and fun to you day.


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